Heal Her Heart x ORANGEinal Presents: Art with Heart – Summer Session

Heal Her Heart x ORANGEinal believes in the use of art therapy to nourish and align the mind, body, and spirit connection as it relates to healing and recovery.

Relieving trauma can be a difficult process and sometimes words can not be used in expression; this is where art therapy comes in as an alternative approach to therapies and an instrument that can help guide and promote mental health and wellbeing.

Our artwork and group session will reflect one of our 7 chakras we feel most needs to be healed and restored so our bodies can function in an optimal way.

Chakras are, in very basic terms, 7 energetic centres which our energy flows through. Often when our emotions are out of balance, sometimes as a result of trauma, these centres become blocked which can manifest as illness or aches and pains in the body, so it’s important to know which centres are which and how we can balance them.

Join us for four hours of time dedicated to ourselves, nourishing our mental health, wellness, self-expression through arts, conversation around our individual journeys towards healing…and for wine!

Art therapy has been proven to aid in:

  • Promoting self-expression, feelings, and emotions
  • Facilitating positive perspectives on one’s life
  • Working through difficult experiences
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Instilling techniques to self-manage and the development of coping mechanisms
  • Exploring, managing, and providing insight into traumatic experiences

Participant info:

  • This workshop will include light refreshments
  • A complimentary glass of wine (red or white options available)
  • Each participant will receive a Heal Her Heart colouring book featuring art work by our art instructor, ORANGEINAL
  • Participants will keep their artwork
  • This class includes all required materials
  • Please be advised – participants may experience triggers as discuss both past and present traumatic experiences during this workshop.

Purchase tickets here: Art With Heart – Tickets

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