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Expressive Writing Therapy

Heal Her Heart believes in the importance of having a forum to process, release and write about trauma as a means of coping. We incorporate the use of expressive writing therapy in our story-sharing platform where you can write about your experiences with sexual, physical, spiritual, and verbal abuse, child loss, and other forms of trauma. Heal Her Heart encourages our participants to interact with other survivors through our comment section where they can exchange words of support, encouragement, and empowerment. We protect the identity of all participants and maintain a strict policy of respect.

Individual and Group Counselling

Heal Her Heart offers individual and group counselling services. Each session is a safe space for you to speak freely about your trauma and explore different paths to recovery. Our certified counsellors are encouraging, compassionate, and invested in your healing. We will equip you to cope with the symptoms of your trauma, including anxiety, anger, depression and emotional detachment. Our counsellors will also help refer you to valuable and trusted resources.

Wellness Workshops and Therapeutic Programming

Heal Her Heart believes in the use of physical activity to nourish and align the mind, body, and spirit connection as it relates to healing and recovery. We offer a range of programming and workshops; incorporating yoga, art therapy, music, dance, meditation, compassionate listening exercises, sharing and reflection, and writing therapy. Through Heal Her Heart wellness workshops and therapeutic programming, participants will be supported in cultivating their own personal practice that can grow with them wherever they are in your life. Heal Her Heart aims to share exciting insight into the mind-body-heart connection to inspire personal healing; self-compassion and a renewed honouring of ones own sacredness.

Support Groups

Heal Her Heart knows the importance of a dependable support system for survivors of trauma. Our in-person support groups are designed to offer you a welcoming community of women and a safe space to meet. In each session, our certified counsellors apply a feminist and holistic approach to guide empowering group discussions. We simply welcome you to join us.